If I could pretend that I'm asleep,
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls..
I think nobody knows..

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


tomorrow is public holiday after Najib announced it last night. Congratulation to Harimau Malaya =) Today is not a good day for me cos having a bad mood since everything is not gonna be alright. My intention out of minds cos the truth is i always thinking about my salary since this morning. Just have two more days before new year and may god bless in whatever i do. Just hope for the best luck of my life.
Seriously, i am really disappointing with my career now and feels likes everything is not the right time.

Just hope tomorrow can makes me smile ;) and i wish for that

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas dinner

hari rabu hari tu tepat kol 6 petang aku ngan ninie bajet gile hot lah en, macam orang gile tak habis2 snap gambar before pegi Christmas dinner. time tuh fauzi budak IT Engineer kita orang baru masuk. dengan bangganya fauzi bajet dia lagi hot.sambil berangan-angan nak tinggi macam kita orang.gahahahha.fauzi lepas ni kau tolong pakai high heels okeh babe.

time ni dengan tak boleh blar eza terselit-selit kat celah bedah sebab nak gak posing. dalam ni muka fauzi macam wah ko sangat bapak ayam.gahahah "jangan amek hati fauzi", kang kene jual.

Time ni kat restoran pusing-pusing weh aku gayat weh naik tinggi macam ni. makan pulak aku suke ikan salmon letak limau.perghh terbaik dari ladang babe.

dengan muka sangat confident aku dengan ninie tunggu boss aku.takper tunggu berbaloi cos naik bmw x5 duk sebelah boss.meriahhh u olllsss.

now aku ngah tunggu fauzi yang sedang makan kat fatimah restaurant sambil aku duk kat opis sorang2.

Friday, December 17, 2010

dance in the wind

Life is ain't easy to be pretanding cos sometimes it can be more than unexpectation.

I enjoyed watching the leaves dance in the wind, and I wished that I too could be borne up and dance with them in mid-air, because they seemed so joyful - and I too wanted to share that joy.

I imagine our lives to be like these leaves, borne in the air with joy - and never knowing in their beautiful dance where exactly they were destined to be.

I could only wish you were here and holds my hand slowly. Remembering the way you holds me softly. My desire wanted to be with you.

Now I start to walking and crawling
I take step by step to start movement from the dance floor.

A r e y o u g e t i t ?

Friday, December 10, 2010

1:35 am and I miss you

Is 1:35 am and I miss you a lot Yem.

Do you still remember to this picture that you given to me when I so frustrated with my work.

I miss the way you smile at me.
Do you still remember the first time we met?
At that time, I never stop looking into your eyes.
How beautiful are you in my life :)

I was afraid if tomorrow I never wake up again to see your beautiful smile sayang.

How important are you in my life Yem.
Yes I admit now that I really miss you.







It takes more than one month i haven't updated my blog since i had joined MVD for a few months ago. Today i have received offer letter from my boss and my minds never stop thinking about my future. Thats what i wanted is it? i asked myself again and again until i notice that actually i take a wrong step to be here. Do you imagine I just 22 years old young lady and very committed with my work and office is like my second home. Most of my time and life i spent at office. Many of my friends are really enjoying their life and not like me that have to sit in front of my laptop and always up to date with my report at time to time.

From local to overseas report and all the report i have done with the best achievement of my life especially Weststar report. Can you imagine, ex - student for Business Management can do report and make a research pertaining Sikorsky s67c++ and learning about the job scope of aircraft license engineer. Is ain't easy for me for the first time i received the report. The report was teach me how to recall and remember every keywords of engines that i have must to know.

Today is the last day for Baldwin worked with us. She growth up together with me since we had joined MVD. Now I feel so lonely and no ones can teach me English to improve myself.

I take a deep breath and I start thinking..
"Why people always comes & people always go?"
maybe my words cannot impress my mentality of minds but the truth is I can feel it in my life. I am too stressful since last month and Yem always told me do the best that I can to make improvement in my life because he knows that I can do much better if I know what my target.

Dear Life,
If I can retake all the moment that i have before. Can I have for the second life that can teach me how to be tough person in her life.

Dear Myself,
You do not stand by alone and u have to know that you have Yem & Ipin who always support you and they always be there to waiting for your success. Yem, he always believes that myself can be reach high target of my life.

Don't give up with my life and stand like a winner Farah ;)