If I could pretend that I'm asleep,
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls..
I think nobody knows..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

kata-kata amanat

I received this email from fazil..anyway thanx fazil for everything..I know its hard for me to say good bye. guys!!wish me luck ya..


Kehadapan saudara ku Farah,

When I first met you, the first thought that crossed my mind was “wowwww tinggi nya”…the second thought was “Gothic nya”…hahaha…


At first, I am quite not comfortable being near you, maybe because of your Gothic style & your Boyish character…but after some time, with your ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude, like to greet others, helpful etc I began to get used to you…to tell you frankly, I am the type that do not know to curse, say harsh words etc…that could be why at first I don’t feel easy with you…but, you are so cool…I began to like you as what you are…I began to take you as what you are…the longer I know you, the more that I know you have the potential to succeed in life…you have the creativity…you also have the initiative…you are born with strong mind…you can survive in various conditions…you have a lot of good things in you, maybe more then what I have…be grateful of everything that you have & continue to strive to improve yourself to a better life & in a better way…Pray to Allah, ask for forgiveness, and ask Allah to show you the right way to go…follow your instinct and may that instinct will bring you to the best life that you deserves…

You once told me that you were a tomboy…but tremendously, day by day, what I see in you, you are turning into more ladies and I really like that transformation…that shows people can change their selves…it depends on your mind set…people can change to whatever they want…you can…from a tomboy to a beautiful lady…

I mentioned just now, you have the potential to succeed…as a big brother, this is my advice, try to take & digest whatever advice or critics from others…whatever good things for you & may be good for you & can help you to improve to be a good person, try to absorb it in…& whatever that you feel is not appropriate & not relevant for you, still take it as a positive thing okay…Maturity is when you can sense your concern to others outweighing your concern to yourself…use other people around you as a mirror for you to see what other people think about you…there is a proverb, it sounds, if 3 people say the same thing about you, you might want to think about it, maybe what they said is true…maybe by improving yourself, it can create a better environment for you & others, maybe you might want to consider their advice…it is not wrong to change yourself, if it is for your own good & good for others as well…we live in a community, so we should try not only to pleased ourselves but also most people around us…try to make good judgments from the situation around us & from the critics that we received from different peoples…

Please forgive for whatever bad things that I said & done directly at you as well as the bad things that I have said & done at your back…Please ‘Halal’ all things that I owe you…Thanks for being my jogging partner, my laughing partner, thanks for lending your ears every time I need someone to hear my problem & the most important thing is THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND… I really hope that our friendship will continue for eternity…I really hope that we can meet each other once a while, get together, with Nik, Kak Liza and others…never forget us here…remember us always…I hope, when I meet you next time around, you have turned into a beautiful butterfly, spreading your beautiful wings & fly happily & freely…

Sayangi sebuah perkenalan kerana disitu terdapat kemesraan. Kenangi sebuah perhubungan keranan disitu terdapat kerinduan dan hargai kedua-duanya kerana ia rahmat Allah S.W.T.

Every goodbye is the birth of a memory!

keep in touch…

yours truly,

Mohamad Fazzil Naziri Abdul Karim

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