If I could pretend that I'm asleep,
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls..
I think nobody knows..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Don't know why

i'm slowly falling from my life. but for this time no ones know my heart stop breathin.

can you leave me alone?

i was the one who really want to be alone.
nobody knows.
or knowing something.

ignorance is become cruel when people arounds you hurt your feeling.
but sometimes people do not understand until one day when it's gone.
it can be truth when sadness influence our life.

i'm just a soul whose intention sometimes are good.
as a human i also make a mistake.
i like to forgive and forget.

i'm depressed until i wonder how i would always say that i'm okay.
but my heart always said "i'm lying".
i don't know why?

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