If I could pretend that I'm asleep,
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls..
I think nobody knows..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


yesterday my boss fired me and the reason she fired me because she said that she are not satisfied with my performance.i guess the main reason came form shirley, cos why suddenly my boss still argue with me about just a small things and no need to always complain with my boss.

today i feel like i don't want come to office and take all my things. i don't want to see my boss face because i lost my respect with my boss. and wayne he just pretend that he doesn't know anything. i don't like the way my boss judge me and like to compare me with another people.i have no problem with my past jobs. and the most i miss now is encik razif. yesterday we sms and i feel so down.he still the best boss that i have, he gave me advise and i still remember what he told me before. he was glad that i am taking charge of my working life and he hope i will be able to develop further where i'm going.

my heart not with me, it just my body sit in front of my pc and i pretend that anything never happen.i am wrong cos it makes me feel so down.
today i miss the moment working with CSSD team.we grow together.i think biotech is much better than here.

now i am not happy with my job and make me think twice.
actually what i really wanted in my life?
is it i attempt to get it?
i cannot create my destiny but i can have my own fate.
dear lord, give me a clue and make me happy with my life.
i need my happiness back cos i am not happy with what i have now.
it doesn't mean that i'm not grateful what i have now, but i just want something new that can improve my life.

just thinking if i can turn back the time that i leave biotech the first person i want to says i would like to stay working with him is encik razif.
i miss the way he talk, the way he advise me, the way he smile.
i wish i can see him again and be one of his team.

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