If I could pretend that I'm asleep,
When my tears start to fall
I peek out from behind these walls..
I think nobody knows..

Monday, April 5, 2010


Just had my breakfast, and kinda busy with lots of paperwork.

I am worry with my life now cos I start busy until sometimes I have to skip my lunch time. Next week I have interview with Architecture Firm. Last night I got a call from Tressie Yap. She asked me to come for the interview, and she also make interview through phone. Thanks to God I pass the 1st interview, so next week is my 2nd interview.

This Friday, I have photo shoot with Utusan newspaper, and still thinking either I should go or not because I have no time to go. My lunch time for Friday from 12.30-14.30pm and I'm afraid if I cannot arrange that time during the period. Dear God, what should I do now? Is it I must go for this photo shoot?
I'm confused should I go or not.

There are so many new things in my life now and I worry that I will never find that balance.

So much of the unknown.

For the first time I'll be making those baby steps, just me, for myself, with the support of those closest to me, closest to my heart.
Now I realized, I am not go with a same routine. In fact, I already get up from my old life. Half of my life became different. I am starting a new journey and I am pursuing happiness.

Until then, my mind is open for the opportunities that will rise, but if I am to make the most of those opportunities.

May God bless us all on our individual journeys.

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